Ultimate destinations for adrenaline junkies

For many people, the ideal vacation has nothing to do with relaxation. A growing number of individuals judge the success or otherwise of a vacation, on the frequency and potency of the adrenaline rush that is provided by the locations and attractions of particular countries. Discover below some leading destinations catering to those travelers who like to embrace a little danger in their downtime.

North America

Experience a white-knuckle ride on a raft, shooting through the rapids of the Colorado River, deep in the mighty Grand Canyon. Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is a stunning place where strenuous hiking trails challenge the toughest explorers but also reward with majestic scenery. Ensure you choose  a decent hotel near to the Grand Canyon because after a day spent in the great outdoors you will appreciate some comfort.

Grand Canyon


The smart adrenaline-seeking vacationer often chooses surfing in Waikiki, in Honolulu. Nothing gets the heart racing faster than an ocean of foaming Pacific rollers. Old-school extreme sports fans say surfing is still one of the biggest tests of nerve around. Why not take your board to Hawaii and visit places famous for awesome waves such as Pipeline, Backdoor and Waimea Bay? When the big winter swells start, many surfers flock to this part of the world to test themselves against the most extreme waves. Want adrenaline? It’s here in waves.

Waikiki Surfing

South Africa

Some individuals feel more alive by staring death in the face. Such adrenaline fans choose South Africa, where diving amongst sharks is popular. Gaze into the eyes of a Great White in the sea off the Western Cape between Gansbaai and Dyer Island. Dangling below the water in a steel shark cage, brave individuals get a great view of these razor-toothed predators and no doubt experience enhanced adrenaline levels as a result. If that isn’t enough excitement, take a cable car up Table Mountain in Cape Town to savor the views. Then choose to streak downhill at top speed on a mountain bike or abseil down the rock-face, both activities scoring high on the exhilaration scale.

Great White Shark,mjenner10

Photo by mjenner10

New Zealand

The place to head for in the southern hemisphere for activities guaranteed to get the pulse racing and the heart pumping, is Queenstown, New Zealand. This lively place situated on South Island plays host to a wide range of activities designed to feed the habits of adrenaline nuts. The snowy mountainous terrain offers world class skiing and snowboarding. Other exciting diversions include; bungee jumping (the first ever commercial bungee jump opened here from the Kawarau Bridge), mountaineering, jet boating, and river boarding, para-sailing and tandem skydiving. Enough to keep a thrill seeker busy for quite some time.

Photo by jdenton03

Bungee Jumping New Zealand by Travelling Pooh

Photo by Travelling Pooh


Maybe it has something to do with the vast areas of wilderness in Canada, but something about this beautiful lightly populated country makes people want to live on the edge. Testing their courage in all manner of extreme sport disciplines, visitors to Canada can launch themselves into paragliding and extreme mountain biking in British Columbia, cliff jumping and white water rafting in Quebec, sea kayaking in Newfoundland or rock climbing in Banff. The skiing in Whistler is legendary and hiking in the Yukon wilderness is enough to enliven the most jaded of souls.

waterfall Canada, Banff

Those are five fun destinations to choose from. The hardest part will be narrowing it down to just one. Perhaps a ‘to do’ list should be drawn up…

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  1. Jenny says:

    East Africa too has something for adrenaline junkies. Uganda, for example, is great for white water rafting (one of the best in the world) in the Nile river with up to class 5+ rapids near Jinja. The Kenyan coast is ideal for skydiving, with the atmospheric conditions there allowing for a minute free fall.

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