Tune in to Tunisia

Booking a vacation that is interesting, relaxing and affordable is easier than it sounds. For so many years we have had to decide whether to book a cultural holiday or a beach holiday, with rarely a choice that encompasses the two together whilst still remaining within budget.


However, tour operator holidays – such as Thomas Cook vacations – offer a wide variety of cultural locations that also provide great low-cost holiday resorts so you can have the best of all worlds. What could be better than spending part of the day soaking up local history and traditions followed by a spot of lunch, and the afternoon spent lying on glorious sands, listening to the waves gently lapping the shore, while you consider the thousands of years that have gone before you. These holidays are easier to come by than you would expect and they don’t have to be budget-busters either.

With a multitude of countries now offering top class resorts, holidaymakers freely spend their time and money exploring these glorious towns and cities, enjoying a fascinating and rewarding insight into time gone by.

Holidays to Tunisia offer all of this and more. With historical sites dating back more than three thousand years and vibrant and colourful market stalls years there is plenty to take in. The myriad of towns hosting local markets are frequently visited by holidaymakers who look forward to haggling with the tradesmen to buy their handmade goods. There is a mix of Islamic culture but with a slightly European twist which makes this a welcoming destination and with the fabulous climate here, which rarely dips below twenty degrees, it makes it a holiday hotspot at any time of the year.

The sunny weather makes the beaches all the more inviting. With wide sandy slopes dipping into the clear blue sea and a host of water-sports for those with any energy left Tunisia has firmly placed itself well into the brackets of a cultural beach holiday.

So next time you are looking to plan a holiday that offers relaxation filled with cultural diversity and insights, look to Tunisia if you have not yet done so, you won’t be disappointed.

Images of Tunisia

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