The Perfect Itinerary for a Holiday in India

India’s vast cultural differences make it a very difficult place to visit in such a short time. It is usually very difficult to take in India’s historical experience in only two weeks, so the best bet is to make sure that you keep your priorities right.

Mumbai City India

Know your travel intentions

First and foremost, before you start your journey, ensure you have your interests set right. Answer why you are travelling. Are you travelling for cultural experience, business, active tourism, or luxury? When you have these picked out, you can then proceed to pick out places and activities you would like to do.

Start busy, go quiet

City Life

Another important tip when planning your perfect itinerary is to ensure that you start with crowded India first. India’s urban centers can be an overwhelming experience, so start with them first then head to quieter and calmer areas of the beautiful land. For example, start with Mumbai (pictured top): visit Bollywood, enjoy its nightlife, travel on a crowded train and go shopping in one of its very busy merchant markets. Hotels in Mumbai are plentiful, so you can easily just turn up and find something suitable. Then head to Agra for the unmissable sight of the Taj Mahal and the imposing Agra Fort. You can also head to Amristar in Punjab and visit the Golden Temple, what I like to think of as the most underrated site in India. The truth is, even though they are great places to tour, they are also very busy and overwhelming. The constant traffic, heat, and swelling crowds can make for an intense experience.

Peaceful scenery

So after you are through the city life, head to the cooler or more scenic parts of the country. You can do it in stages, travelling by car or train, or you can go directly by air. Scenic areas are found in the west and north western areas of India. Such areas include Kashmir, Jammu, and Himachal Pradesh (pictured below). Driving in these areas is a real scenic experience. You can also check out Kanyakumari and Kerala in the south.

Himachal Pradesh India

Golden Triangle Circuit

By far the most popular itinerary for a tailor made holiday in India is to go through the Golden Triangle circuit. The beauty of this circuit is that it gives you the most tasteful experiences of India packed in a short itinerary. You start of in Delhi, visiting the bustling and busy city. Head over to Agra for the Taj Mahal and Agra fort before moving to the cooler and romantic city of Jaipur. This itinerary allows you to quickly sample authentic India.

Additional Locations

You may consider adding popular areas such as Goa, Kerala, Kanyakumari, and Munnar, all in the Southern area of India. Alternatively, you can indulge by going to the cooler and scenic north near the Himalayas. The province of Rajasthan in particular is very popular since it is home to the Lake City of Uadipur and romantic Jaipur.

So, plan to start off with Delhi, Mumbai and Agra before venturing to quieter areas of India. If time and cost are a constraint, then keep your activities to the south, it offers enough variety within that relatively small area. If you can afford both time and money, then heading toward the Himalayan area will also be a fantastic scenic experience. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be an incredible trip!

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