House sitting: Taking Care of your Home whilst on Holiday

Young couple thinking of their home on the beachSo, you’ve booked your holiday and the time has come to start packing for your destination, but have you thought about how you’re going to care for your home while you’re away? It’s easy to get swept up in holiday fever and forget about the things we’re leaving behind.

Leaving your house for a significant amount of time whilst on holiday can leave your home vulnerable.  Typically, the majority of burglaries happen during the day, and criminals will take the easiest route so will always look for a house that appears empty if their targeted home is occupied. We all remember Macaulay Culkin in the Home Alone films outsmarting burglars whilst his family were away! The light on a timer trick is no longer sufficient enough and is something any savvy burglar will spot a mile off. As a result, the number of people investing in a house sitter is growing, from family members or friends, to investing in a professional house sitter; it is both practical and convenient. The last thing you want to do during your holiday is to spend it worrying about your home, and having a house sitter minimises any potential risks so you can enjoy your break knowing your home is safe.

These are our top tips to taking care of your home whilst on holiday…

House sitting: What is it?

Having a neighbour or member of the family to check your home once a day, collect your post, feed your pets and generally make your home appear lived in isn’t always enough of a deterrent as it still leaves it vulnerable for the rest of the day. Your best deterrent is to have actual people living in your home, that way they can protect against burglaries, and problems such as fires or floods, as well as keeping the house clean and tidy ready for your return. House sitting is an all-in-one solution for safeguarding your home and is beneficial to both you and the sitter. Whilst you have peace of mind knowing that your home is being taken care of, the sitter enjoys the lack of rent and a change of scenery.

The first option is to call in a favour from a friend or family member and ask them to live in your place while you’re away. However, there may not be somebody that you trust able to house sit during this time, or you might feel like you’re burdening them.

Some people decide to house swap and allow other travellers to house sit their home while they are away.  If this is something you are interested in you can learn how to get a housesit.  Alternatively you might feel more comfortable with a  professional house-sitter.

A sitter is commonly a retiree or someone who has years of experience looking after a home, and their reasons for house-sitting will vary. From fancying a change of scenery, to pet lovers wanting to care for your animals, a hired house-sitter will be more than willing to look after your home as you wish. As well as minimising preparation time and expenses, such as stopping your mail, arranging for automatic lights to go on, and even sending pets away to a new environment, they can notify you of any problems whilst you’re away and give you peace of mind.

Things to consider:

Asking friends for recommendations is a great idea; they can share their experience with you and answer any questions you may have. Though, whoever you find to look after your home always ensure all references are called, at the end of the day you’re putting your trust in someone elses hands. The best practice is to invite your prospective house-sitter to your home beforehand so you can run through how you like things done. This is particularly important if you’ve got pets so they can familiarise with them and understand their schedule in terms of food and day-to-day routine. Having a house-sitter will also ensure your pet has constant love and care and won’t have to endure the trauma of kennels/catteries, as well as the expense.

During their initial visit to your home it’s wise to explain any house characteristics and technological features your place has too. They’ll need to be fully equipped if the power on anything goes out, and will need to know how to set your alarm and password should they accidently set it off. A great idea is to create a small pack containing as much information as possible that will help your sitter with any risks. This should include emergency contact numbers, day-to-day tasks, your pets requirements, and any information about the area you live in too. Be safe and make sure a family member/friend is made aware of whom you’ve asked to house-sit and likewise let your sitter know contact details for them. Provide them with a key and ask them to drop by the house to check things are in order, but always let your sitter know so they know who to expect.

In terms of payment, this can vary depending on who you ask to sit. Many are perfectly happy house-sitting for free and will look after your home, keeping your garden maintained, collecting mail and making sure all bills are up-to date, in return for staying in your home rent free. Of course you can pay your sitter, particularly if you want them to take on additional tasks.

If you’re struggling to find any recommended candidates, there are plenty of services available online and in the yellow pages that can match people to your preferred requirements such as experience and location to you, who are willing to look after your home.

Can’t get a house sitter?

If you’re only away for a short period of time, or can’t find a house sitter then there are plenty of thing to you can do to protect your home before you set off:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked and your alarm is working as it should. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to properly secure their home.  Make a final check before you leave, taking into account garages and sheds. Also ensure any keys, and valuables are placed away from prying eyes
  •  Avoid a build-up of post by cancelling any mail or asking a neighbour to collect yours for you whilst you’re away.An empty house can be spotted easily simply by an overflowing mailbox.
  • Let a family member or neighbour know the dates you’ll be way and provide them with a spare key for them to check your home is safe.
  • If possible park a car in the driveway, if not a vehicle of your own then ask a neighbour to make use of your drive in your absence.
  • If you have pets, take the appropriate steps to ensure they are looked after adequately, whether it’s putting them inkennels or catteries or finding a pet sitters or friend who is happy to check in on them/take them for walks should it be required.
  • Cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers or vegetable boxes – make sure you do this discreetly or over the phone
  • For potential burglars, a good deterrent is to make your home look like people are home. You can easily do this by having a light on a timer which will switch on automatically, and can coincide with your usual schedule. This can be done in multiple rooms to so from all angles your house its gives the impression people are inside.
  • If any bills are due to be paid during your holiday it’s a good idea to pay them before you go or set up a direct debit.
  • Unplugging any items that will not be used while you are gone is recommended too. Not only will this will reduce the risk of any accidents that might occur, but it will also reduce the cost of your bill
  • And finally… don’t tell more people than you need to of your holiday plans. Refrain from giving too much away on social media websites or you may live to regret it!


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Travel Money: How much to exchange?

Planning a holiday can be stressful, with packing and organising your home and transport to take into consideration, many people tend to put little deliberation into maximising their travel money. Deciding how much money to exchange and finding the best value rates can often be a nightmare, but with some advance planning you can ensure you have more cash in your pocket left to spend on your holiday. It can be difficult to know how much money to exchange, from exchanging a high volume before you go to leaving it until you reach your destination – so here’s our guide to exchanging your holiday money to ultimately make the most out of your trip.

Man counting money

Using foreign currency as your main source of money

Planning ahead is essential to maximise your travel money. Many holidaymakers prefer to exchange more than they need, and are often left with foreign currency when they return home so it’s a good idea to estimate how much cash you think you’ll need at least a few weeks before you go. Factor in everything from food to accommodation costs, spending money, transport, as well as the cost day to day items in the area you’re residing in.

If you exchange too much and it’s a currency you expect to use again, then you can always keep it safe for your next trip. Don’t be tempted to purchase things whilst you’re away simply to use it up or exchange it on the flight home as the rates will be pretty poor. If you exchange your cash in advance you can always find out if the outlet you purchase from will buy it back for free, to stop you from paying out twice and losing money

However, bear in mind that exchanging too much cash has its drawbacks. Though convenient, it can be unsafe and difficult to replace case of loss or theft, plus your travel insurance may not pay out for high amounts whilst you’re away. If you do opt to rely solely on cash, then just as you wouldn’t carry large amounts around with you at home, don’t make yourself vulnerable on holiday. It’s a great idea to use safety deposit boxes where possible instead.

Your exchange options

When it comes to finding the best value exchange rates, it’s wise to know what different options are available. Many people don’t realise how much difference there can be between the price for buying money online to purchasing at the airport, and this can vary greatly from place to place. Spending some time researching the best deals can make your money go further and help find alternatives to exchanging a large sum.

Exchange at the airport or overseas is popular as it means you have complete control over how much money to spend, though the rates tend to be the least competitive of all. Changing at the airport on the day can mean paying up to 10% more, which can lose you a lot of valuable spending money. In comparison, buying when the exchange rate is good, at home in the UK is just as convenient, and offers some of the best value rates. From purchasing online, at the travel agents, bureau de change, or even the supermarket, shop around and you’ll be sure to find the best deal to make your money go further.

Try not to get overwhelmed with commission and exchange jargon, and be particularly wary of ‘commission free’ rates, which typically mean the exchange rate is higher than the bureau itself receives, which is how they make their profits. The best way to determine how good or bad your exchange rate appears to be is to find out how much currency you will get for your pounds, for example exchanging £1000 into euros, quite simply the higher the number of euros you’re offered, the better your deal is.

You alternatives

When exchanging your sterling into foreign currency, our advice would be to consider other money options, and travel with a mixture of cash and cards. Whether it be traveller’s cheques, debit or credit cards or a pre-paid travel card it means you don’t have to worry about changing too much or too little money and are not relying on just one thing which could be dangerous and potentially ruin your trip. We recommend opting for a pre-paid card for the main source of your holiday spending as they are ideal for keeping to a budget and you can check your balance and top up online whilst you’re away too.

Exchanging a small amount of cash to last you a few days or for journey and food and drink costs is the best way to stay safe and protect your money. Planning ahead and researching all your options will give you more cash in your wallet to spend on holiday, and no matter how much you cash you exchange, make sure you shop around for the best deals to give you more money to enjoy while you’re away.

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Cruise and Stay Cruises: The Lowdown

Perfect for people who fancy the idea of a cruise but don’t want to rush full force into a fortnight long stint on the ocean, a stay and cruise vacation could be the answer. Get the best of both worlds with a cruise and stay holiday, offering the opportunity to set sail on the open seas and enjoy a little stability on dry land at the same time.

Caribbean cruise ship

With fly cruise deals providing value for money cruises all over the world, you can take the chance in 2013 to enjoy a deserved break from the humdrum of everyday life. A cruise is a wonderful alternative to a traditional holiday, providing excellent activities and facilities on board as well as giving you the chance to see much more of the world than a normal vacation. With a stay and cruise holiday, you get all this and also the ability to relax in a beautiful resort and let the world pass you by.

Whether you choose to stay in a resort before, or after, your cruise, you can appreciate the destination from land as well as by sea. Whether you head for the warm climes and rich culture of the Mediterranean or you prefer the exotic edge that the Caribbean holds, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience that dreams are made of.

Many cruise and stay holidays give you the option of how many nights you’d like to stay in the resort, pre- or post- cruise. It’s entirely up to you.

Offering the flexibility and value for money that many look for in a well-earned sojourn, cruise and stay vacations are a popular choice for seasoned cruisers and first timers alike. If you’re hoping to test the water before embarking on a full fortnight cruise, a stay and cruise is a perfect option. Alternatively, if you fancy something a little different to your usual cruising haunts with the added bonus of extending your holiday, this option can offer you the best of both worlds.

Whilst on board, you can sample some of the myriad of activities that are created to keep everyone entertained and satisfied. From the swimming pools, to the fully equipped gyms, to the saunas and the shopping experiences, there is something for everyone on deck the awe-inspiring liners. Make the most of the opulence and luxury of a cruise holiday, including the chance to dress to impress during the evenings and appreciate the relaxation that awaits you.

Once the ship has moored in one of the many port resorts it is visiting, take the opportunity to spend the day exploring the area. Whether it’s the warm shores of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, or the culture-rich Mediterranean destinations including Rome and Barcelona, there’s something for everyone. If you wish to discover a corner of the world that is unspoilt and mesmerisingly beautiful, the Norwegian fjords or Alaska are perfect options. The bonus, with a cruise and stay option, is you can spend even longer enjoying your resort of choice to make the most out of your ocean adventure.

Book your cruise and stay vacation now and prepare yourself for a holiday you will never forget.

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A Couple’s Quick Guide to Malta

A small island in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta was once a strategic stronghold for the Romans, Greeks, French and British. It is therefore steeped in history, rich in culture and is today a popular holiday destination for couples looking for some sunshine. Here Nick from explores a few of Malta’s most popular resorts for couples looking to enjoy a fun-filled romantic break.

St Julian’s

St Julian’s is located on the northern coast of Malta and is a very popular town with both the Maltese as well as tourists. Originally a peaceful coastal town, it is abundant with Latin architecture and the historical buildings provide a great back drop for strolling through the quaint streets. The promenade is equally as picturesque and gives expansive views over the rugged Maltese coastline.

St Julians Bay, Malta

As such a popular resort, there are a number of hotels to choose from in St Julian’s as well as self-catering apartments. In the Paceville area, there are a number of restaurants catering for all tastes and some bars and nightclubs too.

Spinola Bay

Just a short distance from St Julian’s is Spinola Bay. This resort is a little more tranquil than St Julian’s itself and the Paceville area. By day, Spinola Bay caters to couples looking to amble along the promenade whilst the quayside itself is lined with traditional Maltese houses and fishing boats. In the evening, you will be able to enjoy one of the many restaurants in the Bay, some of which offer outdoor dining. The atmosphere in Spinola Bay is relaxed with an adult vibe – enjoy local cuisine with a bottle of wine and take in the real Maltese culture.


As the capital of Malta you would expect Valletta to be over-populated and incredibly busy but this isn’t the case at all. Valletta has always been incredibly important in the history of Malta and this is reflected in its architecture. Buildings date from the 16th century onwards whilst neo-classical and more modern architecture play their part in the picturesque town too. The town is abundant with hotels whilst popular attractions include stunning St. John’s Cathedral and the beautiful Upper Barrakka Gardens. There is also plenty of evening activities including fine dining and more affordable yet romantic restaurants and bars.


Qawra is a relatively new resort in Malta and caters for couples looking to enjoy a relaxing break away from the typical tourist areas which can be busy in the height of summer. Qawra features a rocky shoreline which generally keeps families with children away but still provides the opportunity to bask in the sun on the rocks or slip into the warm Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, stroll the promenade hand in hand whilst dining on anything from fish and chips to authentic Maltese rabbit dishes.

Whichever resort you choose to take your loved one too, you can be assured of a great break in Malta.

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Ski Chalet Holidays Explained

For those wanting to go on a skiing holiday, the idea of staying in a chalet might be a little daunting at first. You will no doubt have questions about the location of your chalet, what facilities are included and how you will find out about local things to do without the help of the hotel concierge service. The answer to these questions is simple. Book your ski chalet holiday through a reputable tour operator and you’ll likely receive the following services:

Ski Chalets in Switzerland


Ski chalet holidays mean that whilst you’re on vacation, you will be staying in a privately owned and operated chalet. The size of chalet can vary from anything from four guests to ten or twelve. This makes them ideal for large groups of friends, a series of couples or a large family to stay together. Rooms may include double beds, twins or bunks depending on your preference. There will also be a fully equipped kitchen, at least one bathroom, a dining room and a living room, usually with an open fire. There may even be a hot tub or sauna in your chalet too. Most tour operators provide all bedding and towels for your accommodation and the chalet will be in close proximity to the ski lifts for convenience.

Ski Passes and Equipment

Most tour operators will meet you at the airport and provide you with transport to your accommodation. They will also usually provide you with ski passes to allow you to access the lifts and slopes in your chosen region and can also arrange ski lessons for you if required. They will liaise with you about the type and size of ski equipment you need and arrange it all for you at your resort. In each chalet, you will find staff who are knowledgeable about the slopes and various runs and who can offer you advice.


When you opt for a ski chalet holiday, you will wake to your choice of fully cooked breakfast or continental breakfast which will set you up for the day’s skiing. When you return to your chalet mid-afternoon, you will usually be greeted by some afternoon tea including biscuits or cakes. In the evening, your personal chef will cook you a three course meal using freshly sourced, locally produced ingredients which you can enjoy with a great choice of wines and cheeses. Plus, the chalet staff will clean everything away afterwards to ensure you don’t have to raise a finger.

Other Services

If you are travelling with young children, a tour operator will also organise child care for you with a fully quality childcare service or nanny to allow you to enjoy the slopes uninterrupted. Your tour operator and chalet staff can also arrange meals out in a choice of restaurants in your resort or offer recommendations for where to go for food or drink. They can also inform you of other attractions in the area, should you choose to spend a day away from the slopes.

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Mexico: the perfect winter retreat


What could be more enticing than a winter holiday to the sun? There’s something alluring about jetting away from the rain, cold and grimness of the UK to the warmer and more exotic climes of Mexico. And if the cost is off-putting, bear in mind that many travel companies are offering attractive cheap holidays to Mexico this year.

Mexican all-inclusive resorts are easily the best bet for a winter break away. Food and drink are included in the price and, in some cases, sightseeing trips (just think Mayan pyramids in Cancun!) are too. However, most excursions are run independently of the hotels and will incur a small additional cost.

Mayan Pyramid, Mexico

Cancun has a wealth of opportunities for families and couples who want to get away but who don’t want to break the bank. The all-inclusive Avalon Reef Club is close to Cancun but it’s located on its own private islet; a little piece of paradise.

If protecting the environment is something that’s close to your heart, then an hour’s drive from Cancun is the Xpu Ha Palace, a tropical paradise in the style of an eco-park featuring thatched roofs and housing a slightly less conventional way of life.

For a livelier holiday, the Iberostar Playa Paraiso is a giant five-resort complex. This is an ideal location for children as it has a lazy river, kids’ pools and even tame birds, iguanas and monkeys roaming the resort.

Water sports are on offer all year round in Mexico. Los Cabos is on the Baja California peninsula, on the west side of the island, and offers an active break away for those who want a little bit more from their holidays than working on their sun tan. The resort boasts year-round warm weather and excellent snorkelling off the coast. For those who prefer dry-land activities, try horse-riding on the beach.

Not everyone wants to go to the beach, however, and Mexico has a wealth of cultural opportunities for those interested in the tradition and history of this beautiful country. Costa Maya is the perfect resort for those who want a more relaxed holiday away from the crowded tourist areas. This picturesque spot is situated south of the Mayan Riviera and boasts some of the best Mayan ruins in the country.

Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Offering something for everyone, Mexico is a great option to consider as a winter retreat for travellers of all descriptions.

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The World’s Largest & Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

There’s a very obvious appeal when it comes to luxurious cruises around exotic and far-off destinations. To some, it’s the prestige of their surroundings whilst to others, it’s all about the destination. On one end of the scale, there are a selection of cruise ships that feature such sophistication that people will pay thousands just to stay one night aboard the glitzy liner with its refined accommodation and world class customer services.

83/343/365 - Allure of the Seas - Vacation Shot

Allure Of The Seas

This mega ship is currently the largest ocean cruiser in the world, sitting at 1,187.050-feet long. As part of the prestigious Royal Caribbean Cruises, it epitomizes excellent showmanship and professionalism in the way it operates, never choosing to alienate its customers. There are 2,700 rooms, 16 decks as well as extensive amenities for its guests to enjoy such as a towering aqua-theatre, mini-golf, a casino, a gym and a lavishly designed restaurant.

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

Regarded as the third largest cruise ship in operation, the stunning Norwegian Epic, part of the Norwegian Cruise Line, features some rare and innovative designs such as studio cabins and ice bars which aren’t found on any other cruise ship. The entertainment and customer services are all world class and are a testament to the ship’s proud heritage and distinction. The ship’s long winding corridors are easy to navigate and it happily caters to all.

Silver Whisper

The Silver Whisper

Ambitiously dubbed the ‘cruise of a lifetime’, Silversea’s ‘Silver Whisper’ cruiser takes a great deal of pride in its appearance and experience offered. Though not as big as some of the others on the list, it comes with a selection of Royal Suites which really enhance the experience of the liner and this is extended with its spa and boutique restaurants. The ship offers a variety of cruises focusing on some of the more glamorous locations in the USA.

Celebrity Silhouette -Pool-

Celebrity Silhouette

As part of the famed Celebrity Cruises line, Celebrity Silhouette has a reputation to uphold which it does so with gusto. The ship’s class and gentility is displayed through its themed Solstice brand, which is evident in its lavish dining halls and exclusive bars which delicately line the top deck of the ship. Its services and food are some of the many reasons this sophisticated ship has become one of the most renowned modern cruise liners.

"World"  leaving Ft Jackson on the Savannah River..see the Savannah River Bridge in the background.

The World

The aptly named ship, part of Resident Sea Cruises, features 165 private compartments and an assortment of services such as its own cinema, tennis court, a spa and a golf-course making use of real grass. Considered something of a private luxury yacht, it costs a substantial amount of money but privacy is an absolute guarantee. By burning common truck diesel fuel, the cruise is also one of the greenest cruise ships out on the oceans today.

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Seeking Adenture: Think Turkey!

If you are looking for adventure in your holiday the last place you might consider is Turkey, but thanks to you might want to rethink and make Turkey your next destination for adventure.

Turkey’s rich history, cultural diversity, and natural wonders make it a great destination for tourists. For a unique guided tour of Turkey, travellers can plan an adventure packed itinerary through the country to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Below are some activities and destinations that make the cut:

Canyon Excursion

Apart from whitewater rafting, Antalya also offers tourists a chance to hike through the Göynük Canyon and explore the hidden natural beauty of the gorge. Canyoneering enthusiasts can climb up walls or rappel down waterfalls in the canyon, and even enjoy a cool dip in the waters that flow down the mountains.

Dreams Canyon, Goynuk, Turkey

Whitewater Rafting

Tourists visiting Antalya along the Mediterranean can go for a whitewater rafting adventure down the waters of the Kopru Canyon. Rafting is recommended after the high water season in spring for a safe three-hour rafting session along the river. Apart from taking in the lush natural scenery in the canyon, rafters will also get to swim in the cool river and jump off the high banks into clear pools of water.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For those who dare to brave the skies, travelers visiting Cappadocia can book a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. The ride will give tourists a view of the region’s unique geological features and the intricate cave dwellings that it is famous for.

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia, Turkey


Travelers who want to take it a step further can visit
 to go paragliding. The small resort village itself is famous for its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, but the place also offers opportunities for the sport because of its unique panoramic views and its proximity to the summit of the Babadağ Mountain. The best time to go paragliding is between April and November when the wind is warm and good for flying.

Paraglyding Ölüdeniz

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Quick Guide to Menorca: Something for everyone

Holidays to Menorca can be whatever you want them to be. This Spanish island in the Mediterranean has so much to offer, from peaceful and tranquil landscapes and beaches through to lively resorts where the fun never stops.

Whatever you’re looking for in a sunny holiday, Menorca can provide it. Even though it’s a really popular tourist destination, Menorca has an old-fashioned Spanish charm to it.

Boats in Menorca

The beaches

Many holidaymakers are drawn to the island’s fabulous beaches, but once you’ve had your fill of lazing around in the sunshine, there are plenty of things to see and do here. At many of the beaches there are water sports to take part in, including windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling and diving. Some of the most famous beaches are Punta Prima with its fine white sand, Binibequer, a peaceful beach with privately owned villas surrounding it and no hotels in sight, Cales Coves which is a rocky beach with many  exciting caves perfect for exploring with your children, Cala en Porter, amazing beach sorounded by rocky terrain but with all the facilities you’d want like bars, restaurants and a lifeguard.

Ocean view of Menorca

Golf Courses

For golfers, there are plenty of courses, but for a championship standard course, head to Golf son Parc on the northern coast. Whether you are a beginner or experienced golfer, you will get a warm welcome here. Not to mention golf is probably one of the best ways to compete but also relax while on holiday and the Golf Son Parc are a large golf course with the best facilities available in their club, including a restaurant and a shop. Then there’s the gorgeous environment and landscape sorrounding it. The course is surrounded by forested hillsides and there are great views of Monte Toro, the highest point in Menorca.

The people and the cities

There’s a fantastic caves network to explore at Coves d’en Xoroi, and you should also make time for a trip to the island’s ancient capital Ciutadella. The British changed the capital to Mahon after the Carthagians named it Jamma, but the noble families on the island remained in Ciutadella and their magnificent residences still dominate the city. The old town is great for exploring, with great shopping and restaurants. It’s a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Then there’s the famous Fiesta de San Juan. Celebrated every year at the end of June it is one of the most popular fiestas and it should not be missed. Other attraction in Ciutadella are the old harbour and the Plaza de’s Born, the main town square.

Other things that shouldn’t be missed include the archaeological sites, other historic buildings, castles, markets, the Menorca Horse Shows, the clubs and bars, Mount Toro the highest point of the island, the Aqua Parks, the Hippodrome, recitals and many many others.

Each part of the island of Menorca has its own attractions and charms. You may want to hire a car so that you can explore at your own pace, but if you’re going to stay in one spot, then be sure to do your research before booking your holiday so that you know exactly what each resort has to offer.

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Attractions for kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city built on gambling, casinos, luxury hotels and stag-dos, right? You might be surprised to know that Las Vegas can also be a great destination for family holidays, with plenty of activities and attractions to keep your kids happy from the moment they wake up until it’s time to go to bed. Here are a few pointers to keep a smile on your kid’s face on your next Vegas holiday:

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Explore the theme parks

That’s right. Florida isn’t the only part of the United States to boast world-class theme parks that appeal to kids and grown-ups alike. Las Vegas also has its fair share of theme parks for thrill-seeking family fun. At Adventure Canyon you’ll be able to cool off on those hot Las Vegas days by riding on their many waterslides and water ride attractions. The Canyon’s signature ride features a stomach churning 35 foot drop, and if you’re slightly less adventurous, you can squirt your family with a water gun as they descend. If you feel like staying dry, head over to Adventuredome, the city’s indoor theme park that has rides for even the youngest kids.

Take in a family show

Las Vegas sure does know how to put on a show and the city is full of performances that cater to every imaginable taste. While the kids might not be enthralled by Elton John or Celine Dion belting out their hits, Las Vegas does offer a fun range of spectacular shows that your kids will love. If there’s a performance group that knows how to captivate toddlers and grandmothers alike, it’s Cirque De Soleil. Ram-packed with mind bogglingly talented acrobats and stunts people, the Mystere Cirque De Soleil show in Vegas will take the family on an unforgettable journey.

Explore the great outdoors

With all of Vegas’ huge hotels and casinos dominating the city’s skyline, it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas was built on the desert, and consequently it’s surrounded by some breathtaking landscapes that it would be a crime not to explore. Make a day trip to Red Rock Canyon and you and the whole family will have the opportunity to explore a national conservation area that’s home to a stunning red rock mountain range and over 200 different mammals, including golden eagles, coyotes and hummingbirds. Why not take a picnic with you and get your kids excited about one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of the United States?

There are an increasing number of great deals for Las Vegas getaways; the number of families now thinking of Las Vegas as a potential holiday destination means there are a great number of cheap holidays to Las Vegas available to explore. Next year is the year of Vegas; book your holidays to Las Vegas 2013 now.

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