More Than Just a Film Festival

Each May the many A-list celebrities from Hollywood’s glitterati will make their way to the luxurious French city of Cannes to showcase up and coming silver screen productions. Since the induction of the ceremony in 1946, Cannes has become a playground for the rich, moving away from its much more quaint roots.

As a holiday destination it really is superb as there are plenty of top class restaurants to enjoy fine dining on and evening and world renowned designer items in the shops around the city during the day. Those are what Cannes is known for today.

Normally a trip to such a city, which is situated along the French Riviera on the south coast, would come at a cost, but as you may imagine there are always ways around this. Typically hotels in the area will be fairly expensive though if you shop around on various sites you can find alternatives to hotels, for example is one site where you can find apartments, B&B’s and studios that are available from rent direct from their owners.

Cannes is such a wonderful city so the ability to enjoy accommodation for much less than what is generally available to tourists, can make significant difference to what you can afford as spending money.

Sightseeing that doesn’t cost comes in the shape of historic landmarks; including Villas of Cannes, Ile Sainte-Marguerite, Chapel of St Anne and Ile Saint-Honorat. Of course if the history and culture of Cannes isn’t enough for you to enjoy your holiday, then you could always be on the lookout for the odd movie star in the region.

There are many festivals going on throughout the year, so when planning your trip it always helps to consider this. Events can alter prices of accommodation based on the popularity of it, but also they can be the most enjoyable times to visit the French city.

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