Ideal Weekend Breaks for Legendary Stag Dos

Everyone wants that legendary stag do, one which will never be forgotten. However whilst everyone would love to achieve that status, the issue is ‘what makes a great stag’?

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What Makes a Great Stag?

Your plans for the weekend will undoubtedly have a huge impact on how the stag is perceived, from what you get up to during the day to where you go at night, but a crucial
element will always be the destination. Many people choose their destination based on convenience to where they live, admittedly others choose it for the destination itself, but if you want an epic time then you need to think big.

Fan’s Favourites

In recent times Eastern Europe has proved to be hugely popular for stag weekends. Low cost airlines and cheap prices have made somewhere like Prague a top stag destination. The prospect of going abroad for a stag is certainly attractive to many groups. Something overseas will always be different to your standard weekend away and that’s what a one-off event like a stag do should be.

Getting on a plane is a great way to start the weekend and will always get the group buzzing for what is going to happen. Whilst Eastern Europe offers affordability, the Spanish destinations offer great weather and a brilliantly energetic culture which sets the tone for a top weekend abroad. Whether you have a stag party in Ibiza or Barcelona, two very different destinations, you’ll find that everyone is hell-bent on having a good time.

Thinking Big

Debatably, thinking big will mean having a stag that goes on for longer than a weekend. Las Vegas is a legendary place to go for a stag do, it has always been a Mecca of entertainment for Americans but recently it has re-emerged as a popular place to go for Brits. Since the Hangover film and the well documented escapades of Prince Harry, Vegas has been firmly put back on the map as a top stag party destination. With the trip across the Atlantic you may find you need longer than a weekend to really make the most out of this destination.

The idea that ‘anything goes’ in Vegas is no doubt a hugely popular concept which sits well with those looking to go large for the stag. The coined phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” aligns itself perfectly with the ideology of any boys weekend away. Although this city has a reputation which is envied by many, for it to be a truly great destination it has to have substance.

Fortunately it was almost solely built as an entertainment hub; Las Vegas has everything, think of it as the Disney World for grownups. Its reputation was built on the world famous casino hotels like the Bellagio, The MGM Grand and The Mirage. These massive complexes are filled with a huge number of pursuits, aside from the obvious gambling there is anything from a rollercoaster rides to superclubs to keep you entertained.

Keeping Entertained

Despite the bravado, no group can continuously drink indefinitely and actually have a memorable stag do. All great weekends will have some top activities to do during the time. Whether it’s a unique activity which captures everyone’s imagination or a big event, it’s always good to have a focal point during the day with which you can spin off and do other things around the activity.

Towards the end of last year a stag group decided to try a break as many Guinness World Records as possible. They were, in true stag-spirit, a series of ludicrous challenges which were fun to try. The group went for records like ‘the quickest space hopper 100m’ and ‘how many burgers you can eat in 3mins’, light-hearted but entertaining. Alternatively if you don’t fancy planning something like that, a lot of groups enjoy going to a festival or event. Something like Oktoberfest in Munich is a great idea for a beer-loving group or La Tomatina, a large tomato battle in Spain, is a brilliant event for those just looking to have a laugh.


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