Finding the Best Insurance Cover

Departure BoardThe wide range of insurance covers on offer means that you need to do plenty of research in order to find a policy which suits your requirements. There are a number of things you should consider before purchasing a policy – these include such things as your age, holiday destination and holiday duration. Looking around different websites and companies will enable you to find a cover which is good value for money as well as perfect for your break away.

Multi-trip versus Single-trip Travel Insurance

For those who are planning on making just one trip abroad, it is advisory that you purchase single-trip travel insurance. However people who are making a few trips in a year should buy multi-trip travel insurance. This will save you money and is more convenient than buying numerous single policies each time you go away. As annual travel insurance is only slightly higher in price than a single-trip cover, many people purchase a cheap yearly cover in case they choose to go on a small holiday later in the year.

European versus Worldwide Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance can also be divided into two other categories – policies which cover worldwide holidays and those which only cover trips to Europe. As worldwide travel insurance can be a lot more expensive than a European cover, make sure you only purchase this policy if you are sure you are going to use it. You should also check which countries are classed as European as this can differ between companies; sometime countries such as Israel, Morocco and Egypt are included in the European travel insurance.

Over-65s Travel Insurance

Pre-existing medical conditions and age may result in some people being unable to find cheap and affordable travel insurance. The premiums tend to rise for these groups as they are at a greater risk of becoming ill or falling into problems on holiday. Even a fit and healthy person who just falls into the over-65 category will fall victim to these high prices. You may also find that companies simply refuse to insure elderly people. It is essential that you shop around as prices can differ greatly depending on each company. Whilst some companies may charge £300 for an over-65 annual travel insurance, others can offer as little as £100. Buying policies online can be the best option for over-65s as they are more affordable.

Best Buys

You should always research different companies and find out which will provide you with the most suitable and best travel insurance. You can use price comparison website to find the cheapest cover; you should also do an independent search as the sites can sometimes be biased. The quality of the travel insurance is also as important as its price, you must purchase a policy which is tailored to your holiday otherwise you might end up with big bills if it doesn’t cover all your needs. Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of each policy as this will ensure you get the right cover for you.

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