Costa Brava: Make a Family Holiday a Greener Holiday!

Now we are well into the new year and Christmas is firmly behind us, now is the time many of us start making plans for the year ahead to give us something to look forward to with the family. With more of us being environmentally aware and Spain being one of the most popular holiday destinations for families, we have chosen to give you ideas of how to make a holiday to the Costa Brava a greener holiday!

Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

This part of the Spanish coast has been incredibly popular with tourists for decades and has everything you could ask for from a holiday destination. However, if you are trying to live a greener lifestyle you might wonder whether the heavily tourist oriented Costa Brava is going to help you in that respect. The answer is, perhaps surprisingly, that it can work as part of an environmentally friendly life. Here is how.

Go Camping or Self Catering

When you think of holidays in Costa Brava you think of beach holidays and holiday resorts. What you might not think of is going camping or staying in a self catered apartment. While camping is not only a great way to bring families together and self catering is a great way to save money, they are each a great way to help reduce your environmental impact.

Camping and self catering both help limit your impact on the environment by avoiding hotels where high standards mean they  change your towels and bed sheets daily, and buffet food goes wasted.

But are there camp sites in the Costa Brava?

It has been a popular region with campers  and camp sites can be found dotted around the region and now and there are well established  organisations such as specialising in camp sites for families.

Go Out and Walk

Instead of getting around by car why not consider exploring the Costa Brava with good old fashioned transport, your feet.  Not only will you keep your kids active, it is a great way to see the region.  There are some unbelievable places round here and getting out and walking is the best way of seeing the sites. Of course, the towns and villages also offer some great things to do but by walking you will make this a holiday an active holiday as well as reducing your impact on the environment.

If you do hire a car like many families do, please refresh yourself with some energy saving driving tips!

Eat Local Food

Like most destinations international cuisine is offered in many restaurants throughout the Costa Brava and whilst some of you are more daring, the rest of us tend to opt for more familiar food on the menu and choose food from closer to home.  Food that has been imported.

By eating locally sourced food, not only will you get to taste the great flavours of Spain and taste some great cuisine, you will also help cut out the mileage ingredients have to travel and limit your impact on the environment.  As well as sticking to restaurants with locally sourced meals you should also check out the local supermarkets and create your own picnics when camping and cook your own meals in your self catered apartment.  One of the best things about camping and going self catered is that you are free to eat what you want and when you want and you can also buy food your kids like to eat.

Wherever you travel to this summer, whether you travel to Costa Brava in Spain or to another destination, responsible travel is something we should all consider.  So next time you go on holiday, why not think of other ways you can help limit your carbon footprint!

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