Billiards, Beers, Bazaars and Ballet – The Best Things to See and Do in Bishkek

Bishkek is the capital and also the largest city in Kyrgyzstan. The city also doubles up as an administrative center for Chuy Province. This is a relatively new city and therefore has got limited historical and tourist attraction sites. However, one thing that you cannot overlook is the fact this city makes a great place where you can start trips to the alpine lakes and mountains on Tien Shans. Some of the features that set this city apart from the rest are the many buildings with marble facades, soviet apartments, and the large irrigation canals and trees.

The main square of BishkekIf you come to this city any time soon, you will most definitely love the place. Many new travelers who come here, especially love the night life experience. It might also be worth noting that the locals are pretty much hospitable and friendly. This friendliness also extends to most of the hotels in Bishkek. Many people see the city as being a city of the young or the youth who normally hang around cafes and clubs. If you have been looking forward to visit one of the cities which have got the most liberal tourist regime in Asia, this might be one place you need to come to.

The many leafy parks, tall trees, and monuments are some of the aspects that make Bishkek an awesome city to visit. In as much as you can visit all parts of the city in a single day, you can be sure that you will get the benefit of fun that you are looking for. Here are some popular places that you can visit during your stay:

These are just but a representation of the major attractions that you will come across within the city center. If you want to sample the historical relevance of this great city, you can visit any of the museums here from Tuesday to Sunday. On Mondays they are usually closed.

Hyatt Regency Hotel Bishkek is the only five star hotel in the city, the best of a small, but high quality choice of accommodation in this developing tourist destination. It stands out clearly. The hotel features 178 luxury suites and rooms. These are the kind of facilities that will offer you some breathtaking views and in the end ensure that you appreciate the essence of the Bishkek’s hotel industry even more. The western conveniences you’d expect from a 5 star hotel like as high speed internet and 24 hour concierge service are some of the elements that will make your stay at the hotel comfortable.

In as much as many people might perceive this city as being an underdog in the tourism industry, there is no doubt that the relevance of tourism in this part of the world is changing for the better.

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