3 rules to pack all your clothes for travelling

Most of us will be travelling and will have to pack clothes for our trip at some point in our life. However, it happens all too often that we don’t plan properly and find out later that we missed something, or that we do not have enough items of clothing to see us through our Suitcase packed with clothesstay. Regular travellers have learnt through experience how to pack everything they need every time. Here are 3 rules to remember so as not to miss anything when packing your suitcase to go on any type of travel. Follow them and you will soon be taken for a seasoned traveller.

Pack for the weather

This is quite important. Imagine you are going to Russia in winter; unless you are well-prepared, you may even suffer fatal consequences. You can always buy anything you need but shops may not be open day and night. This might be a rather extreme example; more realistically, packing appropriately for the weather will make your trip more pleasant. Going on a tropical island? Don’t forget your swimsuit, your hat and your sunscreen and ditch the heavy winter jacket, unless you are leaving a cold country behind. As you can carry only a limited amount of luggage with you, it is important to get it right from the beginning and plan carefully.

Pack for the event

Next, think why you are travelling? Are you attending a conference? Will you be the one on stage? A tie or a suit will not be superfluous then. Going to relax on a holiday in Egypt and visit the pyramids? If you a woman, you may have to wear a scarf and cover your hair if you stray far from tourist hotspots. Or will you be doing some winter sports? Don’t forget your ski gear then.

Most of the time, if you are travelling for holidays, a relaxed dress code will see you through most places, especially if the climate is warm. So jeans, trainers and a T will do just fine. However, if you want to visit some nightclubs and up-market restaurants, trainers might get you kicked out. So if you want to pack smart yet light, throw in some smart clothes such as a fresh shirt and smart trousers. And if you are going to give this presentation in Cancun but plan on hitting the beach afterwards, you know you have to pack for both!

Pack for comfort

This may be last on the list but do keep it in mind when packing for the above. Are you going for a business trip in a sweltering destination? Then it’s not just a suit you need but a light-weight one, or maybe you’ll be able to do without it. Don’t forget that light pure cotton shirts are a must-have when it gets very hot. Pure cotton is great as it will rapidly absorb your sweat yet allow your skin to breathe. This is what we call comfort.

Very often, travel is synonymous with sight-seeing and lots of walking. Don’t make the mistake of taking brand new shoes with you, even if they are trainers. You need to break into them first; your feet won’t thank you if you are going to be walking all day in them the first time. Rather, bring a pair that’s very comfy. If you ditch the trainers for smart shoes, try loafers or boat shoes. They are very comfortable to walk in for long hours.

Get started…

In any case, it is always possible to stock up in the local shops if you find out that you missed something. But you might often encounter ‘tourist’ prices. So shop where you are comfortable and knowledgeable. A blue shirt is great to see you through any occasion, you will find only blue shirts here: www.mushirts.co.uk/blue-plain-shirts.php. Or simply go to www.mushirts.co.uk and start filling your suitcase!

it is even more important nowadays to pack your luggage properly due to strict restrictions. So use these 3 rules wherever you are going, for whatever purpose. Business, beach, sports…always be prepared.

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